Comedy should provoke, should challenge, as it has done throughout history. Don't let political committees and watchdogs, liberal or conservative, dictate to you what you can & cannot laugh at. Pedro Lee comedy is very unorthodox. His style is shocking yet smooth with a dynamic delivery. His animated facial expressions combined with quick improvisations while storytelling leaves the audience wishing they had been there with Pedro. Forget "high energy"-- this is frantic! His shows are always a night you won't soon forget. Club owners and managers have gotten used to fielding questions about when Pedro will be returning.

My Story

Respected as a writer as well as a performer, he is constantly being approached by other comedians as gifted, but he usually replies with his most known for quote, "I'm just happy to be here". Setting the boundaries of what is to come, he can shock you, make you think, push you to the edge & endear him to you in the first few minutes. When he shocks, he doesn't threaten, but wakes you up, challenges you. Pedro is not afraid to express his opinions. When he makes you think, he doesn't go over your head, but takes you on a leap.


Pedro started his career in New York, New York while going through a trivial time in his life. He learned that he can turn pain and sorrow into art. He stepped on stage for the first time at a New York Comedy Club’s open mike night. Two years later, Pedro turned a dream into a reality and started doing stand-up full time.

This was only the beginning Pedro found himself acting as well as writing for sketch groups. Since his whole act was basically improvised with only performing jokes of impulse and emotion he decided to hone in on his craft. His work reminds his audience of the great comedians and writers that have influenced him: Edgar Allen Poe, Pigmeat Markham, Corey Holcomb, Redd Foxx, and Doug Stanhope.

Pedro attended HB Studios and studied Technique & Scene Study, Improvisational Theatre concurrently with Speech, Voice, Diction and Phonetics. Later to sharpen his performance skills he took short form Improv and Stage Performance with FaceOff Unlimited. 

In addition to his training at the world renowned Upright Citizen Brigade Pedro has had numerous appearances in films, sketches, commercials and web series. One in particular, the web series Anti-Matter buzzed the comic and geek world. Pedro Lee is part of the Sketch writing team Cheesestickz. He also can be heard on the popular Geek podcast Nuff said. You can find him improvising on stages such as Upright Citizen Brigade, People's Improv Theater and Queen's Secret Theater. If you don’t see him improvising you can see him on stage doing his signature style of comedy or view him on a media outlet near you.