The Carolers Part 3a of 4

December 13, 2008 5:56PM Queens New York

“Ho, Ho, Ho Merry Christmas!!!!!” “Hey Sir, I’m Agent” “Andrew Johnson!” “How did you?” “Know? I know all the kids of all age’s names. I know if they are naughty or nice. Please Andrew call me Kris Kringle and how may I assist you?” “Well, Kris Kringle I know this may seems inappropriate, but I have a few questions concerning the Holiday murders going around.” “Oh you mean Carolers.” “Carolers?” “Yes, Carolers it’s what the news calling them. The murders I mean they go around homes killing people who answer the door. I mean the news doesn’t call them Carolers but it’s the holidays and they go door to door singing before the murder happens. I feel Carolers would be a clean way to call the culprits so it won’t disturb the kids.” “Hmmm. I’m sorry Kris Kringle I been on this case for a while and I think I’m about to break this thing so I haven’t watched the news latlely.” “The Questions” “Oh yeah can I ask you a few questions?” “Of course my dear lad I’m willing to answer all and any question you have. After all I am the mastermind behind these holiday murders.” “What!!!” “Ho. Ho, Ho, Ho!” “Ha, Ha, Ha you almost had me there Kris. I can come back when the mall close to ask you a few questions.”  

December 13, 2008 7:59PM Brooklyn New York

Agent Andrew Johnson sits in his Apartment staring at a barely decorated Christmas tree sipping sour whisky with two dissolving ice cubes swirling around as he pull the glass from his lips and rotate his hand by his side.  He thinks about his recent encounter with the Santa at the mall. “Call me Kris Kringle, ha what a whack job he really takes his work seriously.”  He reaches to take his gun from his waist to put it away to relax. Then he is interrupted by a knock on the door.

Knock, Knock, Knock! “Hold on!” Agent Andre Johnson just tucks his gun his back belt loop. He peeks out his peep hole and see two little girls dressed as little elves. He opens the door. The girls start singing, “We wish you a merry Christmas, We wish you a merry Christmas and…” Agent Andrew Johnson smirked and said, “well finish girls” “and a happy fucking new year!” The two girls stared at him with their pupils dilated with death. He stared at them and then stared at his chest. He felt a sharp pain in his heart. He see a candy cane held by hand that is attached to an arm that reached behind him.  “Good my dear Carolers run along and wait for me in the sleigh.”

 Agent Andrew Johnson turns his body around with the candy cane still being held poking out his heart. He finally turns to face Kris Kringle. “Ho, Ho fucking Ho. How’s it going Agent? You have questions for me still? Well let me answer two that are beneficial to you. Yes, I know about the murders going around and yes I am the one responsible for them. Well me and my minions. What the hell! Here’s an answer you should worry about. If you wonder if are going to die. The answer is yes!” Agent Andrew reaches for his gun located in his back belt loop. “Oh Andrew are you looking for this? That’s Naughty!” Agent Andrew Johnson sees Kris Kringle holding his gun. Kris Kringle pushes the candy cane deeper into his heart. Agent Andrew Johnson starts to pass out and drops to his knees. He was at the end of his ropes. Then all of a sudden with every little thing he has left he stared at Kris Kringles pants and lunged with his mouth and bit his groan.

Kris kringle in pain screamed and the candy cane snapped in half. Andrew knew it was his only chance. The gun had dropped out of Kris hands. Agent Andrew grabbed the gun to shoot Kris Kringle. “Freeze!!!!!!” Andrew Johnson turns around. “It’s okay, I’m an Agent!” “Nobody moves!”  Agent dropped the gun and turned around. It was the NYPD. They had received a call from a neighbor that seen two little girls kill a door man. “Andrew are you okay?” Yeah, I’m good Andrew muttered. “He’s over there fellas.” “Who?” Agent turns around to see Kris Kringle was gone. He then exits his apartment for questioning.

As he walks through his apartment lobby he sees Doorman of his building being zipped up in a body bag. Andrew knew him very well it was Sim. Sim was the nicest man on earth according to Agent Andrew Johnson.  “What happened?” “According to a witness two little girls ask him for your Apartment number and he refused to give it so the stabbed he with 25 candy canes.” “Where are the two little girls?” “We don’t know, but we were able to save the neighbor that witness the whole thing before they got to her. “ “Let me see them!”

To be continued……………………………………….