The Carolers Part 2 of 4

December 12, 2013 3:43PM New York New York

“Excuse me Agent Johnson? “ “Who wants to know?” “It’s an honor to meet you, I’m Robert Rozzilli. I sorry it’s just a pleasure meeting you I studied you and wow your book about the 10 murders of Xmas inside a madman was my thesis.” “Rozzilli.  I give you some advice you just got out the academy?” “Yes” “Stay alive and keep away from fat men with candy canes.” “Ummmm? Okay.”

Agent Andrew Johnson grabs a empty water bottle and filled it with Vodka form a liquor store bag and threw the empty vodka and bag outside the window. Agent Rozilli said, “Hey that’s littering and dangerous!” Agent Johnson replied, what ya gonna do call the cops?” Then he take two sips from the vodka filled water bottle grabbed his chest.  Rozilli glared at him with a sense of admiration and a hint of disrespect. Several Agents are sitting at monitors trying to figure out the whereabouts and go to to locate Kris Kringle. Agent Johnson said, “We need to check all visitor logs from the past 10 years and find out their whereabouts for questioning.” “If he scratches his ass I want to know how much pressure was applied and how loud the nails are!!!” Agent Rozilli stares at amazement.

Then Agent Johnson looks towards the window. He realizes that there was no noise of the bottle hitting the ground when he tossed it out the window. They were just 2 floors above the sidewalk.  He reaches for his gun. As he slowly walks towards the window you can hear his heartbeat with fear and adrenaline.  “Shhhhh…., Agent Rozilli everyone stand back.”  As soon as he got to the window a box comes hurling through it and landed in the middle of the run. Agent Johnson jumped back and landed on his back. “Everyone move!”””””” The place dispersed. Two hours later, bomb specialist was on the scene everyone within eye distant stared at the building while the specialists were inside. The block was barricaded and blocked off from the public.

Mayor Bloomberg came on a bicycle. “Agent Johnson what’s going on in my city?” Agent Johnson looked him up and down and then just out of nowhere bitch slapped the fuck out of him. “Calm your little ass down while real men are working.” One of the Bomb Specialist came out holding the box. He insured them that it was not a box but it was present that said to Mike Bloomberg. That was strange how and why. It had a card that said read before opening. Agent Johnson grabbed and said, “I don’t think it’s a good idea.” Mayor Bloomberg said, “Fuck you its Christmas time and it’s a gift for me!”

Mayor Bloomberg snatched the present out of his hand faster than a stripper snatch a $100.00 bill on rent day. Mayor Bloomberg reads the card out loud. “What do you get a Billionaire that can be anything in the world? Simple something he can’t buy.” Agent Johnson grabs his chest and take a swig from his Vodka filled water bottle. Mayor Bloomberg said, “hmmm.” As he open the box Agent Johnson put two and two together.  Kris Kringle knew the Mayor would come here it was a trap. “Noooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Mayor Bloomberg opens the box and a blade spins out and cut his head off. The Mayor stiff lifeless body drops on the floor and his head lands on his citibike seat. Agent Rozilli runs towards the blade with his gun out. Agent Johnson said, “What the fuck you going to do stupid shoot the fucking blade to death it’s over.” Agent Johnson and Rozilli walks slowly to the blade that was bloody and landed on the once was a nicely wrapped gift box. The blade said A Life. Agent Rozilli asked, “A Life? What does A Life means?”  Agent Johnson grabbed his chest. “Rozilli it’s the answer to the question what do you get a Billionaire that can be anything in the world? Simple something he can’t buy. A life.  Agent Johnson phone vibrates. “What do you want Kringle??!!”  “How did you know it was me I could’ve been one of your women? Ho, Ho, Ho who are we kidding! You get no bitches!!! I just want to make sure the Mayor got my gift since I am visiting his city it’s only right he get a gift.” “I’m going to hunt you down Fat boy Merry Fucking Christmas!!!!!!”

To be continued……………………………………….