The Carolers Part 1 of 4

December 10, 2013 8:38AM Brooklyn New York

The phone vibrates by the bed. Former Special Agent Andrew Johnson picks up the phone. “Sup?”  Is this Agent Johnson?” “This is he. Who thought it was suppose to be?”  Agent Johnson this is the FBI we need your help.”  I’m no longer Agent I retired” “ Sir, Kris Kringle has escaped prison.” “I’m on my way!

Agent Johnson arrives to the North Pole and is greeted by Antlers North Pole’s Marshall. “Good Afternoon Antlers.” “Cut the Hellos Johnson I got dead reindeer and elves on my hands!” “What went down Antlers?” ” At 0:09 PM Christkindchen“Excuse me? Christkindchen?” “Sorry I forgot you are American, Kris Kringle escaped our prison killing several of our elves and reindeers. He disquised himself as Gingerbread man and hoped on a sleigh headed to New York.”

Agent Johnson grabbed his chest and ran out of the building. He headed back to New York. Agent Johnson knew that Kris Kringle was probably in New York already, but why? What would make this vicious killer resurface?  Finding a 6 ft 6 500 lb Gingerbread man shouldn’t be hard to find in the Big City. He dealt with Kris Kringle before and knew his motives before but this was a new unwrapped gift handed to him. Agent Johnson landed in JFK airport and walked out to catch a cab. All of a sudden his phone vibrates. “Sup?”  “Ho, Ho, Fucking Ho…”  

Agent Johnson grabs his chest and his lips quivered. It was as if he can feel the chills stroll down his back as if soul was playing a melody of death. With hhis throat dry and his hand shaking on the phone he responded. “Who who is this?” “Agent Andrew Johnson how’s your holidays thus far? Have you been naughty or nice? Should come down your Chimney or stuff your stocking? I’ll make sure to stop by your home regardless young lad. Oh by the way did you enjoy the candy cane?” “Kris Kringle what is it you want? Tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” “I want to finish my work. I must complete me list. Please Agent Andrew Johnson let’s not be formal. You can call me Santa.” Agent Johnson grabs his chest and stagger to the side walk. People around are concern they think he is having a heart attack. Mr. you need help, a lady ask. Agent Andrew said no maam. Then he composed himself. “Kris Kringle, I’m going to find you you fat son of a bitch!” “My foul mouth naughty lad I sure hope so and by the way Merry Christmas!!!!!!”

To be continued……………………………………….