The Adventures of Billy Dick Williams AKA William Richard Williams part 2 of 4

Duck!!!!!!!!!!! Shots rang out from a grassy noel. Billy looks around and ask, “Are we good” Huffing and puffing he realize his doll has been hit. “Wake up, Wake up” his lips quiver and his body starts to shiver. It then dawns on him. His doll is gone. He covers her eyes with a handkerchief. He screams Ariel!!!!!!!!! Her lifeless strong rubber material breast jumped with her last nerve.

 Billy screams, “What are you waiting for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m right here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you want dick, come get some!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As the wind blew and Ariel body deflates with every beat Billy heart pumped it seemed like he was dying with her.  Finally, she was done. As she laid there looking like a once was sexy beef jerky.  He regains composure. With pain and hurt in his heart and fury in his eyes, it’s clear that Billy has hate in his blood.

This was much deeper than the Man writing stereotypical situations. This was a message to stop while Billy was ahead. Billy started to walk towards the area he assumed the shots were fired and then his phone rang. Billy picks up. “Hello.” “What’s up Money Grits?” “Who’s this?”  “This is Tracy MorganBilly!” “You’re Alive?” “Yeah, Chief!” “I was told the man was going to kill you.” “Naw Billy, it’s a set up to start a whole new way of brain washing people and killing excitement. The man wants to bring in new comedy without emotion deadpan 2.0, comma comedy! I found out from Fame, so thank Fame for telling me now I’m telling you you got the info now Billy what you gonna do?” “Damn I felt like niggaz want to stick me for my paper.” Billy hung up the phone.  He realized this was big and he must avenge Ariel, or else he’s blowup doll would been murder in vain.  This was about the dawning of new ignorance.  The death of not just acting and comedy, but as entertainment as we know it.  The man wants to takeover with Reality shows.

Billy wondered was this why he and his scrotum framed by the FBI or has this been a reality show?  There were only two things that he trusted in this world. His blow up doll was inflated in an untimely manner and demise so all he had left was he’s balls. He then stared at the sky grabbing his nuts. “I hope the man got his eyes open because baby boy the dick is now up and harder and is coming on that ass!!!!!!!!!!!”

To be continued…………………………………………………..