The Carolers Part 3c of 4

December 14, 2013 12:03PM Midtown Manhattan

“Well it’s understandable if you are upset but you accomplished what you set out for and that was to catch one of the most diabolical criminals of all time, Kris Kringle. Damn it Agent Andrew Johnson! Stop blaming yourself for everything, from one colleague to another thanks and with all due respect stop being hard on yourself asshole.” Agent Andrew took his hand off the car’s steering wheel and slowly looked at Agent Rozilli and then placed them back on the wheel and said, “Wow I guess it’s both of our lucky day there’s actually parking around #4th Street Macy’s.” Agent Rozilli is a little shaken after all he did just curse out his partner, superior and role model.  

Agent Andrew Johnson parks the vehicle and threw a cop pass in the windshield. He grabs Agent Rozilli arm as Rozilli had started to exit. “Yo, kid you have some real courage kid I like that.” He then let’s Agent Rozilli arm go and extends his hand. “My friends Call me Andrew you little play the rules prick.” Rozilli laughs in relief “Well I’m Robert my friends calls me.” “Baby steps Robert we are cool but we are not trying to start a band let’s just get this bullshit holiday shopping out the way while we just chaperone these dunks bastards in Santa suits and make sure this Santa con goes smoothly.”

There are like dozens upon dozens of Santa Suits amongst the crowded sidewalk around Macy’s. You hear Christmas Carols and the sounds of Fa la la la. All of a sudden you hear a group gaining focus they are chanting “Beware of the Grinch, Beware of the Grinch!” Agent Andrew Johnson and Rozilli stare at each other and then they stare towards the crowd. Just, as Agent Andrew Johnson expected bunch of Drunk Santas.

Meanwhile, at the precinct where Kris Kringle is held

“Tis the season to be jolly Fa La La La La La La La” “Shut up Kringle! You are disrupting the whole place!” “Sorry young lad it’s just a joyus occasion that’s about to happen.” At the reception desk of the precinct two little girls holding a nicely wrapped gift box enter. “Excuse me little girls how can I help you? Are you lost who are you?” Kris Kringle looks at the precinct’s clock on the wall stands up and brushes his self off.  The little girls simultaneously looked at the random answer and answered we are “Carolers Merry Christmas!” They put the box to the officer face.

Blah Blah Blah! It was a gun hidden in the box. Mayhem breaks lose. The officers on duty grab their weapons. One of the girls ran and hit the lights. All you could see is flashes of gun fire. You hear Kris Kringle “Ho, Ho, Ho!” all of a sudden it was a bunch of little kids swarming in from outside singing, Joy to the world the time has come!” The cops were getting picked off. One by one they were dropping.  One of the kids managed to get the cell keys and freed Kris Kringle. A cell mate that was inside with Kris Kringle, “Yelled can I come with you?” Kris Kringle looked back and said, “Sure you are nice and for that your gift this year is freedom!”

Back in Midtown Manhattan

“Andrew, why the hell is all the Santas are saying Beware of the Grinch!” “I don’t know why Robert but, it has something to do with Kringle you can bet your left nut on that!” All of a sudden they chanting stopped and the Santas start running away from Agent Andrew Johnson and Agent Rozilli.

“What the fuck that was all about?” “I have no idea.” Agent Andrew phone rings. It was a officer at the precinct. “We are being attacked! Kris Kringle is escaping I can’t!” A candy cane goes through the throat of the informing officer and Kris Kringle picks up the phone and clears his throat, “Uhummmm, Agent Andrew?” “What the fuck is going on you sick bastard?”  “Wow, how non-professional. First, you law enforcements use phones on the job and now profanity. Let’s not even get started on the cleaning bill for my suit that you spilled coffee on!” “What you want?” I want to thank you for your hospitality, but I must bid you a proper adieu. Also, I want to tell you that you are a Grinch for trying to stop me!”

The phone hangs up and then Agent Andrew Johnson realizes that those damn Santas at Santa Con are in on it. “Rozzilli, Kris Kringle is planning to escape by blending in with the Santas during Santa Con.” Kris Kringle plan was obvious now. He wanted to get arrested so he can get the information of the witness that can help crack this case so he can escape and finish his job.  Agent Andrew Johnson and Rozilli pull up and bust into the precicint with their guns drawn. It was too late Kris Kringle had escaped and scattered on the floor were dead cops and kids. Agent Andrew Johnson stumbles out the precinct and is surrounded by 100’s of Santas. One Santa walked up to Agent Andrew Johnson holding a Grinch Mask. Rozilli runs out the bulding gun flaring. “Don’t Move!” The Santa drops the Mask and says, “For Saint Nick!” The whoe, crowd screams, “For Saint Nick and then all of them drop on the ground.

Agent Andrew Johnson looks at the Mask and sees that a scroll is hanging out. Rozilli is walking back and forth rubbing his gun on his head. “What the fuck!” The scroll reads, “Love is strong as poison and enough of it will kill you.” “Robert read this.” Rozilli reads it. “You mean to tell me that this sick son of a bitch is capable of this!”

To be continued……………………………………….