The Carolers Part 4 of 4

“How can he persuade these people to poison themselves?” “Here Robert here’s my badge!” “Andrew what are you doing? Are you quitting?”“I’m going ahead and getting the formalities out the way. I can’t be a law enforce, if I want to catch Kris Kringle I got to be insane to catch the insane.”Agent Andrew Johnson walks in the barely standing precinct and walks out with a bag of rifles and hand guns. Agent Rozilli move to side to give Agent Andrew Johnson room to move. Agent Andrew Johnson kneels down to one of the dead Santas and snatches his hat off his head and put it on. “Rozilli promise me when this is all over you be the one to arrest me and read my rights.” Rozilli stares at him and drop his head down looking at lost to Agent Andrew Johnson’s badge. “You got it.”

Agent Andrew Johnson knew where Kris Kringle was heading. He was going to finish his work his last name on the list. Kris Kringle never finished his naughty/nice list before he was captured. As Agent Andre Johnson drives to the witness protection hideout Jenny (the victim that managed to escape the rampage) home his phones vibrate. Agent Andrew Johnson stares at his iphone it is a Facetime message from some woman he has never seen before. He accepts the Facetime. “Help!!!!!!!!! Please he is going to!!!!!!!” A candy Cane burst through her neck from the back and Kris Kringle appears hover over the Lifeless head of the woman that body is still shaking from trauma. “Kill me, that what she wanted to say kill me, not murder not end my life, put me out of my misery, release me from this cruel world…. Kill m not only she was a naughty snitch she was as predictable as candy canes on Christmas. Speaking of, which.” Kris Kringle pulls the Candy Cane from the woman’s throat and wipes it on the side of his face. Agent Andrew Johnson stares at his phone while he swerving in and out of traffic.  He can barely keep compose himself to drive. Tears runs down his eyes. He feel a lump in his throat knowing if he just begins to speak the tears will run and his heart will ache. “Nice Hat asshole! You’re a Santa now?” “Bitch I’m a Grinch!””Is all this anger coming from this witness from your apartment? Oh my lad I had to silence her she was going to tell on my Carolers. Besides if you cry over her you will not have enough moisture in your eyes to shed tears for Jenny!” “Fuck you!”

Andrew Agent Johnson ends the Facetime call and calls Rozilli. “Come on pick up, pick up! Rozilli, I need you at 1938 Piscadaway lane bring back up and call in the national guards I don’t give a damn if you reach out to the militia make sure they are their! Tell FBI the witness’s whereabouts has been breached!”

Andrew Agent Johnson pulls up in the driveway located at the end of a dirt road. He looks in the mirror fix the Santa hat and then looks around all of a sudden he is surrounded by Carolers. “Beware of the Grinch, Beware of the Grinch is chanting from the Carolers. Agent Andrew Johonson stares in the review mirror then he reaches for the glove compartment and pulls out a fifth of vodka. He stares at it and then throws it in the bag filled with guns. He stares back at the Mirror fits his hat again and wipes his mouth. “Okay, well joy to the world. Ho fucking Ho Merry Christmas!”  He grabs a shotgun out the bag and opens the door. “You wouldn’t shoot a Caroler would you Agent….” Click Click Boom goes the barrel tearing a hole right through the Carolers chest. “You want to beware a fucking Grinch well you bitches got the right one. “ The Remiaing Carolers rush in one by one he lays them down.  He runs out of ammo with the shot gun so he just gun bunt the last Caroler with it. He grabs the remaining guns close his car door and walks towards the injured Caroler that was heading towards the house. The Caroler head was bleeding from the Impact of the Gun bunt blow.  Agent Andrew Johnson kneels down with a chrome .45 Magnum and lifts the Caroler’s head with it.  “Hey, you, you wouldn’t happen to know where I can find an obsessed obese fat man with a nasty attitude would you.”  “I’ll never tell you will have to!!!” Blammmm!!!!!!!! As the blood from the Caroler’s skull and fragments splatter on Agent Andrew Johnson’s Face and towards the House he smirks. “Sounds just about right.”

Agent Andrew Johnson runs towards the house and his phone vibrates. He answers it but just toss it on the ground. “Hello! Andrew Hello, come in Andrew it’s Rozilli we are 7 minutes away from the home.” Agent Andrew keeps running and kicks in the door. “I’ve come baring gifts! I hope bullets are on your list because I brought a lot to unwrap the skin of your body! Let the Jenny go and you may be able to be feed out a tube for the rest of your life in prison!”

“Help he is going to kill me somebody help!” “Jenny I’m coming, hold on!” Agent Andrew run with his magnum in his hand dropping the bag of guns. He keep hearing Jenny screams as he get closer to the scream he is clothslined by Kris Kringle arm knocking him backwards and making him lose his gun.

Kris Kringle is holding a tape recorder of Jenny screaming. “Well, well Agent Andrew Johnson. I see you got some blood on your Santa hat. You have no idea how that makes me feel. Cleanness is next Godliness and right now you are looking like hell.” “Kringle just let her go. Please let her go. Take me instead I’ve been naughty I killed your carolers I ruined your Holidays let her go.” “Agent Andrew Johnson you know when you decorate a tree the hardest thing to decide is the ornament to go on the tip top. You want something that’s original something that stands out like an angel. Well I’ve taken liberty to help decorate Jenny’s tree.”

A tree drops from the ceiling with Jenny’s decapitated head on top. “Agent Andrew Johnson almost vomits and starts to shake like a wet dog.“Noooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” “I know right she’s nothing pure like angels. I mean come on we damn sure know not a virgin. You have to admit no one else will have this decoration.” Agent Andrew Johnson lunges towards Kris Kringle. Kris Krinle pulls out a gun. Blam!!!!!“Sit your ass down I don’t know what you thought this was but there’s no heroic ending to this my job is down and now bleed out. I got gifts to deliver.  

Kris Kringle walks away and comes back smoking a cigar with the bag of guns. “What should I kill you with? Oh so many toys! Well it’s Chirstmas so I’ll kill you with kindness and since alcohol rushes the bloodflow it’s only appropriate you die by your own vice. Here’s your vodka!” He props Agent Andrew Johnson body up like a wooden dummy against the wall. “AAAggghhhhhh!!!!”Be still it’s just a stomach shot. I know about bellies. Ho, Ho, Ho!” “Come out this is the FBI, we have you surrounded let Jenny and Agent Andrew Johnson go! We do not want to use force. Let them go and we can insure your safety!” “Well looks like I’m one head short for my safety”

There’s no sigh of relief that law enforcement was there for Agent Andrew Johnson he was losing to much blood and could barely move. Kris Kringle walks away and come back with wine glasses. He pours himself a glass and smashed the other glass. “Opps!” He stabs the broken piece of glass into Agent Andrew Johnson’s chest. “Hey just like ol times!” He hand Agent Andrew Johnson the bottle and raises his glass for cheers. “Oh where are my manners? It’s a celebration let’s smoke a cigar! Where’s my lighter?” Kris Kringles walks to search for the lighter. Agent Andrew Johnson’s head leaned to the right and saw a lighter under the tree. He crawls towards and grabs it and then slides back in place. He grabbed the Vodka bottle and took a sip. Kris Kringle came back. “Great you are celebrating well for you! I had to light these Cuban cigars on the stove. Awwwww, one went out. It’s fine you can have mine and I’ll just use yours to light mine. Open your mouth!” Agent Andrew opens his mouth and takes a sip then perch his mouth back open. Kris Kringle puts the Cigar in his mouth. Agent Andrew Johnson takes a pull and blows smoke out.

Meanwhile outside

“What the fuck is going on in there! We going to have to go in” A FBI agent tries to calm Rozilli down, “Keep calm Rozilli if Johnson in there and we haven’t heard a sign of scuffle he’s probably difussing the situation if we go in there guns blazing someone could be harmed.”

Back inside

Kris Kringle leans in with his cigar in his mouth and then Agent Andrew Johnson smash the Vodka bottle in his face and with his other hand sparks the lighter and set Kris Kringle’s face on fire. Kris Kringle is moving around hysterically he shoots towards Agent Andrew Johnson’s location but Andrew Agent Johnson managed to reach the door. He crawls up and gets on his feet. He looks back and Kris kringle is falling on furniture igniting everything he touches. He falls into the tree and Jenny’s head rolls over his body and right in front of Agent Andrew Johnson’s feet. He looks down. I’m sorry Jenny but I hope you enjoy this Present from heaven. “Oh Kris!“ He thought to himself he’s not even worth it. As he opens door you hear get down, freeze, don’t move. “God damn it can’t you guys see its Johnson.” “Thanks Robert now read me my rights while I go to the hospital.”Swat team rushes pass them and runs back out to surround the hosue and wait for the local fire Department.  “Rozilli he’s dead. Finally he’s dead.” Agent Andrew Johnson alongside Rozilli hops into an ambulance. “Damn it you did it Andrew! What about?” “I didn’t make it in time.”

December 20, 2013 Kingborough Hospital Brooklyn New York

Agent Andrew Johnson is awakening with a gift next to him. He clinches his chest with fear.  He opens it and it’s his badge. Rozilli walks in.“Hey back from the dead! How was the afterlife?” “Didn’t see your mouse face, so I would say it was peaceful.” They both laugh. “Hey I have another surprise for you. A young woman walks in. “Could you excuse us?” Rozilli replies, “Yes ma’am” and he walks backwards to the door giving Agent Andrew Johnson a score gesture. “How may I help you little lady?” “I was speaking to your associate after I heard of the news that Kris Kringle was burned to death I decided I could come out of hiding. I witnessed when he came to see you a year ago. Well, him and his Carolers and I was placed in protective custody. I know that he was looking for me so I had my identity altered and he grabbed the wrong papers from the precinct and he killed an innocent woman. Thanks for saving me. I know eventually he would’ve found me and finished what he started.” “No problem ma’am I wished I could’ve saved more lives at least yours was sparred and since Kris Kringle is dead we can all start to rebuild.” The lady smiles and walks towards the door she locks and start singing, “We wish you a merry Christmas.“ She pulls out a Santa hat a puts it on. “I never said Kris Kringle was dead I said he was burned to death. That was merely an expression. Beware of the Grinch, Beware of the Grinch, Beware of the Grinch!!!!!!!”

The End