Colgate Smile

I recently got into an argument with my significant other. She was cheating on me with my aunt’s German shepherd skittles. To this day every time I walk in the store and see that candy I get put into such a rage I could kick a newborn in the temple, but I’m not tripping. She told me she cheated on me with Skittles because she couldn’t trust me. She went in my phone and saw pics of tit-ol- bities and ass.

I was trying to explain that the pics of chicks came with my phone and that pic of me on top of two midgets long stroking with a cowboy hat and holster of whip cream screaming yeeeeee haaawwwww was my default picture that came with my phone plan. She had the nerve not to believe me. Where’s the trust baby girl? Where’s the trust? I loved her unconditionally I even got her a customized size 32 fitted to cover up her forehead when she was embarrassed to wear turtle necks this winter because when she spin in the club people thought she was a globe.

Even though her weave piece in the front was in the shape of Florida I didn’t trip. How did we get to this? She had her pillow case and Victoria secret’s bag packed and was about to leave. I had to think fast. Thank God it was raining outside!!!! Maybe I can sing myself back to her heart. I quickly ripped my clothes off, ran to the Kitchen and put bacon grease on my body. I slid back to the room and hit the lamp switch with my dick. I started out oh oh oh oh ohhhhhh yeah baby pleeeeeeaaaaasssseeeee dooonnn’ttttt goooooo hooooooeeeeee!!!!

She cursed me out. It was quite obvious she wasn’t in the room for romance!!!! I finally asked what Skittles see in her. She mumbled my smile. That when we both stared at each other. We both realized she forgot to put her top row of teeth in. I smiled and said, L “Ha Ha!!!! I got your bald mouth ass now bitch!!!!” She had left her teeth in the bathroom swimming. I dashed in the bathroom and locked the door.

She was banging and screaming, “Let me in!!!!!” I grabbed the glass of teeth and empty the water and filled it back up with Clorox, mouthwash and some of Pedro’s special brew (my piss). I finally open the door and told her I was sorry and we are both adults. I also said we are not animals and I can make her stay if she wants to leave. I will always be there for her. She snatched her teeth and put them in. So now I’m single and her funeral will be weds May 28th. I heard she died from Clorox intake. I think skittles did her in. So boys and girls if you sleep with dogs you will be fucked up and Clorox is better than Colgate.