I’ll hit you with a little something for Halloween

Pedro Lee is a Comedic Actor and a writer who has just buried his eccentric open mic career which died in mysterious bringer circumstances. His career has left him an apartment in Redhook Brooklyn. His may be son has also disappeared and his confidence is over. He still loves his possible baby mother (the test haven’t came in), but there is too much distance between them. He enters the apartment which is evil. Pedro Lee grew up there and he knows the Apartment, but the Apartment also knows him. The Apartment is dangerous. There are strange things happening there. The apartment can manipulate your life and drive you into pimping.

The Apartment has its own Supernatural prostitutes and there is unspeakable whoring inside it. Poor Pedro is sucked into the nightmares (literally) and the illusions that exist inside it. It preys on his hormones and his budget and he begins to see things that aren’t there and he begins to think that his missing maybe son is trapped somewhere inside the Apartment. He sees his maybe son and he sees his dead career. Are they really there or is he going mad? His neighbor is Ron (Weed Dealer) who is very nosey and Pedro tries to get rid of him (right after he buys an ounce from him to cope with life). He tries to write a novel about his experiences in comedy, but finds that the Whore spirit’s breast is distracting him. Pedro hears a moan from his bedroom and when he goes to investigate it.

He is attacked by some lil kim looking spirit. It would’ve been sexy if it was circa 1995 lil kim looking, but it was updated lil kim looking (Dominican transvestite resemblance) He still gears himself up to catch the monster on camera giving ghost throat to him but there is nothing to see. He is driven sexually frustrated by the Apartment and he tries to hold onto his sanity and he is plagued with thoughts of his dead career and his maybe son.

He feels as if the Apartment is trying to give him blueballs and destroy his chance of standup. He fights back against the Apartment and he tries to find his son. He is thwarted by the Apartment, but he uses all of his strength to overcome his fears to stand against the evil stuck up prostitutes in the Apartment.