We are rich because of opportunity alone.

Hi Folks! I hope you are enjoying your first true taste of winter. I just recently seen a documentary on Netflix that said the dumbest most ignorant programmed shit I have ever heard. Black dude said going to jail is just like going to college. Really, I never took a felony as a major in my school and my damn school dealt with law. Now this would make an old Slave owner proud with this remark and I quote, "The only way a real hood nigga could become a man is go to prison. It likes a jungle and you become a Lion."

 See we are rich for our own good. We have leisure’s and material objects to blind us of our true blessings. It's black people back in the day that had to drop out of school in like 3rd grade to help raise they brothers and sisters and help they parents farm. They would pay a million dollars if they had it just for the chance to learn to read. Now kids only go to school for a fashion show and with technology why read and learn to spell since the computers can cover up our ignorance or lack of thinking skills. Now don't think it’s a black thing. It's not this is a worldwide thing. There are immigrants (which is a fucked up word to say when we can say people from another country) that scrapped and struggled over here to make a better life for their families only to have their decedents piss over their dream by becoming a oppressed marching my bad a American.

Think people. Our whole logic of economics has gone retarded. Back in the day currency was diamonds, gold, cattle, land, and thrones. We changed all that for fucking paper green paper or even worst electronic money. In other words, debit, credit cards,. You don't even see the money or feel it physically. You go by the number in which case you owe the money government to be broke (insufficient funds). My friend who is Jewish (reminds me every chance he gets in a comical way in hopes to get a laughable reaction) told me I act like a militant why because I'm against the machine and government ways of thinking. If that's the case if I was white I would be a hippie. He furthered said I should be glad I’m black because at least I didn’t go through the Holocaust. Well you my friend and I’m sorry to do this but unfortunately I'm a black man that read and not a nigga. So buddy boy peep this (Hitler wasn’t color blind when it came to terror).

The fate of black people from 1933 to 1945 in Nazi Germany and in German-occupied territories ranged from isolation to persecution, sterilization, medical experimentation, incarceration, brutality, and murder. However, there was no systematic program for their elimination as there was for Jews and other groups.
After World War I, the Allies stripped Germany of its African colonies. The German military stationed in Africa (Schutztruppen), as well as missionaries, colonial bureaucrats, and settlers, returned to Germany and took with them their racist attitudes. Separation of whites and blacks was mandated by the Reichstag (German parliament), which enacted a law against mixed marriages in the African colonies.

Following World War I and the Treaty of Versailles (1919), the victorious Allies occupied the Rhineland in western Germany. The use of French colonial troops, some of whom were black, in these occupation forces exacerbated anti-black racism in Germany. Racist propaganda against black soldiers depicted them as rapists of German women and carriers of venereal and other diseases. The children of black soldiers and German women were called "Rhineland Bastards." The Nazis, at the time a small political movement, viewed them as a threat to the purity of the Germanic race. In Mein Kampf (My Struggle), Hitler charged that "the Jews had brought the Negroes into the Rhineland with the clear aim of ruining the hated white race by the necessarily-resulting bastardization."

African German mulatto children were marginalized in German society, isolated socially and economically, and not allowed to attend university. Racial discrimination prohibited them from seeking most jobs, including service in the military. With the Nazi rise to power they became a target of racial and population policy. By 1937, the Gestapo (German secret state police) had secretly rounded up and forcibly sterilized many of them. Some were subjected to medical experiments; others mysteriously "disappeared."

The racist nature of Adolf Hitler's regime was disguised briefly during the Olympic Games in Berlin in August 1936, when Hitler allowed 18 African American athletes to compete for the U.S. team. However, permission to compete was granted by the International Olympic Committee and not by the host country.

 Adult African Germans were also victims. Both before and after World War I, many Africans came to Germany as students, artisans, entertainers, former soldiers, or low-level colonial officials, such as tax collectors, who had worked for the imperial colonial government. Hilarius (Lari) Gilges, a dancer by profession, was murdered by the SS in 1933, probably because he was black. Gilges' German wife later received restitution from a postwar German government for his murder by the Nazis.

Some African Americans, caught in German-occupied Europe during World War II, also became victims of the Nazi regime. Many, like female jazz artist Valaida Snow, were imprisoned in Axis internment camps for alien nationals. The artist Josef Nassy, living in Belgium, was arrested as an enemy alien and held for seven months in the Beverloo transit camp in German-occupied Belgium. He was later transferred to Germany, where he spent the rest of the war in the Laufen internment camp and its subcamp, Tittmoning, both in Upper Bavaria.
European and American blacks were also interned in the Nazi concentration camp system. Lionel Romney, a sailor in the U.S. Merchant Marine, was imprisoned in the Mauthausen concentration camp. Jean Marcel Nicolas, a Haitian national, was incarcerated in the Buchenwald and Dora-Mittelbau concentration camps in Germany. Jean Voste, an African Belgian, was incarcerated in the Dachau concentration camp. Bayume Mohamed Hussein from Tanganyika (today Tanzania) died in the Sachsenhausen camp, near Berlin.

Black prisoners of war faced illegal incarceration and mistreatment at the hands of the Nazis, who did not uphold the regulations imposed by the Geneva Convention (international agreement on the conduct of war and the treatment of wounded and captured soldiers). Lieutenant Darwin Nichols, an African American pilot, was incarcerated in a Gestapo prison in Butzbach. Black soldiers of the American, French, and British army’s were worked to death on construction projects or died as a result of mistreatment in concentration or prisoner-of-war camps. Others were never even incarcerated, but were instead immediately killed by the SS or Gestapo.

Some African American members of the U.S. Armed forces were liberators and witnesses to Nazi atrocities. The 761st Tank Battalion (an all-African American tank unit), attached to the 71st Infantry Division, U.S. Third Army, under the command of General George Patton, participated in the liberation of Gunskirchen, a subcamp of the Mauthausen concentration camp, in May 1945. In other words people of all race and color be wise and not a puppet. Read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There more to reading than looking at an airbrushed greased tattooed thick girl bent over a car and who’s beefing with you.